Double-Inbox 0 Achieved!

Yesterday, for the first time in my recollection I managed to clear out not just my personal inbox, but my work inbox as well.


Clearing out your inbox always provides such a feeling of peace.  All of the little tasks that have accumulated have been cleared and I can sit back and breath for few minutes because… nobody immediately needs anything from me. 


So what did I do with my few moments of freedom?  I sat down and read a few chapters of a tech book on Objective-C that I've intended to read for a while.

Alas, though, all moments of peace must eventually pass.  After leaving work with a cleared inbox yesterday evening, I returned this morning to find a couple emails already in queue.  Both minor but, still, work needing to be done.  It's 11:15 and I've yet to clear my inbox from the slow trickle of requests to create and update accounts, tweak server settings and updating an MSDN subscription.

It was fun while it lasted but thus is the plight of a technical worker.  Those moments where you can take a break, breathe and rest in that place of not being pulled by 100 needs are so rare.

This past year has been crazy.  Believe it or not, I've never abandoned this blog.  I've had quite a few, major life and career changes so I have neither had the time to write much nor have I had many topics worth discussing.

In April last year, my wife and I had our first daughter.  It's been a happy yet busy year learning to take care of a beautiful baby girl.  I've also migrated from being primarily a C#/WinForms developer to becoming both an Embedded C and iOS developer.  Both roles have had their challenges but it's been quite fun.

I feel like I'm finally at a point where start writing a bit of beneficial tech articles related to my C, Objective-C and iOS development experiences.

Stay tuned.  More will follow soon.